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Victorlemoinea longidens Ameghino 1901 (eutherian)

Mammalia - Eutheria - Macraucheniidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 335819

Alternative combination: Anisolambda longidens

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1901. Notices préliminaires sur des ongulés nouveaux des terrains crétacés de Patagonie [Preliminary notes on new ungulates from the Cretaceous terrains of Patagonia]. Boletin de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Córdoba 16:349-429

Belongs to Victorlemoinea according to G. G. Simpson 1948

Sister taxa: Victorlemoineia emarginata, Victorlemoineia labyrinthica, Victorlemoineia prototypica

Type specimen: Its type locality is Río Chico Oeste, which is in an Eocene terrestrial horizon in Argentina

Ecology: scansorial insectivore