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Westphaloptilus Guan et al. 2016 (winged insect)

Insecta - Paoliida - Anthracoptilidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 336835

Full reference: Z. Y. Guan, J. Prokop, P. Roques, J. Lapeyrie, and A. Nel. 2016. Revision of the enigmatic insect family Anthracoptilidae enlightens the evolution of Palaeozoic stem-dictyopterans. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 61:71-87

Parent taxon: Anthracoptilidae according to Z. Y. Guan et al. 2016

Sister taxa: Adiphlebia, Afrocladus, Anthracoptilus, Carrizocladus, Graticladus, Homocladus, Jarmilacladus, Lodevocladus, Mesoptilus, Mycteroptila, Paracladus, Rhinomaloptila, Spargoptilon, Strephocladus, Strephoneura, Strephoptilus

Subtaxa: Westphaloptilus gallicus

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Type: Westphaloptilus gallicus