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Miolyncina cocconii Mayer-Eymar 1875 (cowry)

Gastropoda - Cypraeoidea - Cypraeidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 339398

Alternative combinations: Cypraea cocconii, Neobernaya porcellus cocconii

Belongs to Miolyncina according to D. Fehse 2012

Sister taxa: Callistocypraea (Miolyncina) prunum, Callistocypraea (Miolyncina) soriensis, Chelycypraea (Miolyncina) amygdalina, Chelycypraea (Miolyncina) aquitanica, Chelycypraea (Miolyncina) subovum, Miolyncina conjungens, Miolyncina prevostina

Type specimen: ETH, No. t.2585, a shell. Its type locality is Piacenza: Castell'Arquato, loc. Emilia- Romagna, which is in a Piacenzian marine sandstone in the Sables jaunes Formation of Italy.

Ecology: epifaunal omnivore-grazer

Average measurements (in mm): shell 37.6 x 26.7