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Styxisporites Cookson and Dettmann 1958 (ferns)


PaleoDB taxon number: 340174

Full reference: I. C. Cookson and M. E. Dettmann. 1958. Some trilete spores from Upper Mesozoic deposits in the eastern Australian region. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 70:75-128

Parent taxon: Lycopsida according to I. C. Cookson and M. E. Dettmann 1958

Sister taxa: Clwydia, Ficoidites, Foveotriletes, Isoetaceae, Isoetales, Kraeuselisporites, Leptolepidites, Lycopodiaceae, Lycopodiales, Lycospora, Planisporites, Reticulisporites, Selaginellaceae, Selaginellales, Uvaesporites, Zebrasporites

Subtaxa: Styxisporites linearis, Styxisporites majus

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