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Icacinicarya dictyota Pigg et al. 2008

Magnoliopsida - Celastrales - Icacinaceae

PaleoDB taxon number: 341226

Full reference: K. B. Pigg, S. R. Manchester, and M. L. DeVore. 2008. Fruits of Icacinaceae (Tribe Iodeae) from the Late Paleocene of Western North America. American Journal of Botany 95(7):824-832

Belongs to Icacinicarya according to K. B. Pigg et al. 2008

Sister taxa: Icacinicarya amygdaloidea, Icacinicarya collinsonae, Icacinicarya densipunctata, Icacinicarya echinata, Icacinicarya emarginata, Icacinicarya forbesi, Icacinicarya foveolata, Icacinicarya glabra, Icacinicarya inornata, Icacinicarya minima, Icacinicarya mucronata, Icacinicarya nodulifera, Icacinicarya ovoidea, Icacinicarya platycarpa, Icacinicarya reticulata, Icacinicarya tiffneyi

Type specimen: UF 18907-34633, a seed/fruit