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Populus tidwellii Manchester et al. 2006 (poplar)

Magnoliopsida - Eudicot - Salicaceae

PaleoDB taxon number: 341563

Assignment to Salicaceae is supported by leaves with characteristic glandular teeth, and by the elongate infructescences and pedicellate, ovate, capsular fruits.

Full reference: S. R. Manchester, W. S. Judd, and B. Handley. 2006. Foliage and fruits of early poplars (Salicaceae: Populus) from the Eocene of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. International Journal of Plant Sciences 167(4):897-908

Belongs to Populus according to S. R. Manchester et al. 2006

Sister taxa: Populus alexanderi, Populus douglasae, Populus hyperborea, Populus kansaseana, Populus lesquereuxi, Populus pliotremuloides, Populus prefremontii, Populus sonorensis

Type specimen: UCMP 398135, a multi organs (leaf, fruit)