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Dagonodum mojnum Ramassamy 2016 (beaked whale)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla - Ziphiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 346608

Full reference: B. Ramassamy. 2016. Description of a new long-snouted beaked whale from the Late Miocene of Denmark: evolution of suction feeding and sexual dimorphism in the Ziphiidae (Cetacea: Odontoceti). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 178:381-409

Belongs to Dagonodum according to B. Ramassamy 2016

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MSM1001x, a partial skeleton (partial skull and skeleton with periotic and tympanic). Its type locality is Gram Brick Works, which is in a Tortonian marine claystone in the Gram Formation of Denmark.

Ecology: scansorial piscivore-carnivore