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Paraceratherium grangeri Osborn 1923 (odd-toed ungulate)

Mammalia - Perissodactyla - Paraceratheriidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 348091

Alternative combination: Baluchitherium grangeri

Full reference: H. F. Osborn. 1923. Baluchitherium grangeri, a giant hornless rhinoceros from Mongolia. American Museum Novitates 78:1-15

Belongs to Paraceratherium according to Z. Qiu and B. Wang 2007

Sister taxa: Paraceratherium asiaticum, Paraceratherium bugtiense, Paraceratherium huangheense, Paraceratherium lepidum, Baluchitherium osborni

Type specimen: AMNH 18650, a partial skeleton. Its type locality is Loh, which is in an Oligocene terrestrial horizon in the Hsanda Gol Formation of Mongolia.

Ecology: scansorial insectivore