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Haplophrentis carinatus Matthew 1899

Hyolitha - Hyolithida - Hyolithidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 348951

Alternative combination: Hyolithes carinatus

Synonyms: Haplophrentis cecrops Walcott 1917 (no. 348954), Haplophrentis costatus Matthew 1901 (no. 348953), Hyolithes cecrops Walcott 1917 (no. 234973), Hyolithes costatus Matthew 1901 (no. 348952), Hyolithes idahoensis Resser 1938 (no. 234931)

Belongs to Haplophrentis according to J. Moysiuk et al. 2017

Sister taxon: Haplophrentis reesei

Type specimens:

  • Haplophrentis carinatus: ROM 8463a, a shell
  • Haplophrentis cecrops:
  • Haplophrentis costatus:
  • Hyolithes idahoensis: USNM 95021. Its type locality is Locality 37m, shale beds (Pend Oreille Lake), which is in a Cambrian carbonate shale/limestone in the Rennie Shale Formation of Idaho.

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal suspension feeder