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Eustaloides magnocoli Wunderlich 2012 (orb-weaver)

Arachnida - Araneae - Araneidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 350815

Alternative combination: Graea magnocoli

Full reference: J. Wunderlich. 2012. New fossil spiders (Araneae) of eight families in Eocene Baltic amber, and revisions of selected taxa. Beiträge zur Araneologie 7:94-149

Belongs to Eustaloides according to J. A. Dunlop 2016

Sister taxa: Eustaloides aberrans, Eustaloides bitterfeldensis, Eustaloides breviembolus, Eustaloides brevis, Eustaloides calceatus, Eustaloides epeiroidea, Eustaloides impudica, Eustaloides lingula, Eustaloides minor, Eustaloides setosus, Eustaloides succini

Type specimen: F2322/BB/AR/CJW. Its type locality is Baltic amber (Wunderlich collection), which is in a Priabonian terrestrial amber in the Russian Federation.