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Deshayesites multicostatus Swinnerton 1935 (ammonite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonitida - Deshayesitidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 357170

Belongs to Deshayesites according to S. Bersac and D. Bert 2015

Sister taxa: Deshayesites (Kuntziella), Deshayesites boegvadi, Deshayesites butleri, Deshayesites columbianus, Deshayesites deshayesi, Deshayesites nodosus, Deshayesites rotundatus, Deshayesites temerarius

Type specimen: Its type locality is Sutterby, which is in an Aptian carbonate marl in the Sutterby Marl Formation of the United Kingdom

Ecology: fast-moving nektonic carnivore