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Birlimarr Megirian and Murray 1999

PaleoDB taxon number: 361285

Full reference: D. Megirian and P. Murray. 1999. Chelid turtles (Pleurodira, Chelidae) from the Miocene Camfield Beds, Northern Territory of Australia, with a description of a new genus and species. Beagle: Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 15:75-130

Parent taxon: Chelidae according to I. J. Maniel and M. S. de la Fuente 2016

Sister taxa: Acanthochelys, Chelinae, Chelodina, Chelodininae, Chelus, Chelymys antiqua, Chelymys arata, Elseya, Emydura, Hydraspis arenarius, Hydromedusa, Hydromedusinae, Mendozachelys, Myuchelys, Naiadochelys patagonica, Pelecomastes ampla, Phrynops, Platemys, Platemys bergii, Platemys entreriana, Platemys holmbergii, Platemys mesopotamica, Platemys robusta, Platemys torrentium, Prochelidella, Pseudemydura, Rheodytes, Rionegrochelys, Trionyx argentina, Yaminuechelys, Hydraspis

Subtaxa: Birlimarr gaffneyi

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Type: Birlimarr gaffneyi