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Testudo paranensis Scalabrini 1887

PaleoDB taxon number: 364894

Museo de la Provincia Entre Rios (MPER) presently Museo Povincial de Ciencias Naturales y Antrapolgicas "Antonio Serrano" (MPCNyAAS). Most likely this material was recovered from Conglomerado osfero at the lower levels of Ituzaing Formation, Upper Miocene.

Full reference: P. Scalabrini. 1887. Cartas Científicas Museo de la Provincia de Entre Ríos. Tipografía y Encuadernación La Velocidad 1-209

Belongs to Testudinidae according to M. S. de la Fuente et al. 2018

Sister taxa: Achilemys, Agrionemys, Aldabrachelys, Anhuichelys, Astrochelys, Cachuga, Caryoderma, Centrochelys, Cheirogaster, Chelone, Chelonoidis, Chelys patagonica, Chersina, Chersine, Cylindraspis, Damonia, Emys sombrerensis, Ergilemys, Floridemys, Floridemys hurdi, Fontainechelon, Geochelone, Geochelone (Chelonoidis), Geochelone (Hesperotestudo) equicomes, Gigantochersina, Gopherus, Gopherus praecedens, Hesperotestudo, Homopus, Impregnochelys, Indotestudo, Juvemys, Kansuchelys, Kinixys, Malacochersus, Manouria, Megalochelys, Mesochersus, Miotestudo, Namibchersus, Nicoria, Palaeoemys, Paleotestudo, Pelorochelon, Platysterninae, Psammobates, Pyxis, Sinohadrianus, Stigmochelys, Stylemys, Stylemys calaverensis, Taraschelon, Testudininae, Testudininei, Testudinites sellovii, Testudo, Testudo annae, Testudo atascosae, Testudo castrensis, Testudo cultrata, Testudo exornata, Testudo formosa, Testudo francisi, Testudo hayi, Testudo klettiana, Testudo laticaudata, Testudo louisekressmani, Testudo luciae, Testudo ocalana, Testudo peragrans, Testudo quadratus, Testudo undata, Titanochelon

Type specimen: MPCNyAAS, an other. Its type locality is Colonia La Celina, which is in a Huayquerian fluvial conglomerate/mudstone in the Ituzaingo Formation of Argentina.