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Trionyx argentina Ameghino 1889

PaleoDB taxon number: 364996

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1889. Sinopsis geolo?gico-paleontolo?gica. Suplemento (adi- ciones y correcciones). 1-13

Belongs to Chelidae according to F. L. Agnolin 2005

Sister taxa: Acanthochelys, Birlimarr, Chelinae, Chelodina, Chelodininae, Chelus, Chelymys antiqua, Chelymys arata, Elseya, Emydura, Hydraspis arenarius, Hydromedusa, Hydromedusinae, Mendozachelys, Myuchelys, Naiadochelys patagonica, Pelecomastes ampla, Phrynops, Platemys, Platemys bergii, Platemys entreriana, Platemys holmbergii, Platemys mesopotamica, Platemys robusta, Platemys torrentium, Pseudemydura, Rheodytes, Rionegrochelys, Yaminuechelys, Hydraspis

Type specimen: MACN A-11126, a partial shell (neural and costal plates). Its type locality is Punta Peligro, which is in a Danian mire/swamp claystone/conglomerate in the Salamanca Formation of Argentina.