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Limopsis silveradoensis Packard 1922

PaleoDB taxon number: 366147

Full reference: E. L. Packard. 1922. New species from the Cretaceous of the Santa Ana Mountains, California. University of California Publications, Bulletin of the Department of Geological Sciences 13(10):413-462

Belongs to Limopsis according to E. L. Packard 1922

Sister taxa: Limopsis (Limopsis), Limopsis (Limopsista), Limopsis affinis, Limopsis aguilari, Limopsis antillensis, Limopsis aviculoides, Limopsis belcheri, Limopsis carmanahensis, Limopsis chapmani, Limopsis cossmanni, Limopsis cristata, Limopsis davinae, Limopsis ellipsis, Limopsis gisbornensis, Limopsis grenadinarum, Limopsis hatoviejonis, Limopsis hirtella, Limopsis insolita, Limopsis invalida, Limopsis janeiroensis, Limopsis kunraediensis, Limopsis lawsi, Limopsis marionensis, Limopsis marwicki, Limopsis minima, Limopsis monbergi, Limopsis monilis, Limopsis morningtonensis, Limopsis multiradiata, Limopsis onchodes, Limopsis ovalis, Limopsis parma, Limopsis paucidentata, Limopsis pelagica, Limopsis perieri, Limopsis peteri, Limopsis plana, Limopsis propeinvalida, Limopsis psimolis, Limopsis pygmaea, Limopsis radialis, Limopsis radiata, Limopsis spicata, Limopsis sulcata, Limopsis surinamensis, Limopsis tenella, Limopsis transversa, Limopsis turnbulli, Limopsis zealandica, Limopsis zitteli, Lunopsis hoerninghausii, Pectunculina proceritas, Pectunculina parvicostata, Pectunculina scalaris, Limopsis (Pectunculina) retifera, Limopsis (Pectunculina) lamellata, Limopsis (Pectunculina) multistriata, Limopsis (Pectunculina) fenestrata, Limopsis (Pectunculina) grenadarum, Trigonocoelia curvirostris, Trigonocoelia ledoides

Type specimen: UCMP 12324. Its type locality is UCMP loc. 2143, Santa Ana Mountains, which is in a Turonian/Campanian marine horizon in the Ladd Formation of California.