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Stylemys inusitata Hay 1906

PaleoDB taxon number: 366305

Alternative combination: Testudo inusitata

Synonyms: Geochelone primaeva Oelrich 1950 (no. 105289), Gopherus copei Koerner 1940 (no. 173157), Stylemys copei Koerner 1940 (no. 105257), Testudo copei Koerner 1940 (no. 105256), Testudo primaeva Oelrich 1950 (no. 105277)

Full reference: O. P. Hay. 1906. Descriptions of new species of turtles of the genus Testudo, collected from the Miocene by the Carnegie Museum; together with a description of the skull of Stylemys nebrascensis. Annals of Carnegie Museum 4:15-20

Belongs to Stylemys according to E. Vlachos 2018

Sister taxa: Stylemys bottii, Stylemys capax, Stylemys frizaciana, Stylemys karakolensis, Stylemys lindenensis, Stylemys nebrascensis, Stylemys oregonensis, Stylemys pygmea, Testudo niobrarensis

Type specimens:

  • Stylemys inusitata: CM 311 (holotype), a partial shell, a partial shell. Its type locality is Canyon Ferry Reservoir Earl Douglass Location, which is in a Hemingfordian terrestrial horizon in Montana.
  • Stylemys copei:
  • Testudo primaeva: UMMP No. 25758, a partial skeleton (nearly complete plastron and carapace plus many postcrania). Its type locality is Belmont Park Ranch Testudo primaeva site, which is in a Miocene terrestrial horizon in Montana.

Average measurements (in mm): carapace 350.0 x 265.0, partial shell 265.0 x 200.0

Estimated body mass: 5.60 kg based on carapace length