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†unranked clade Pantestudinoidea Joyce et al. 2004

PaleoDB taxon number: 366449

panstem name

Full reference: W. G. Joyce, J. F. Parham, and J. A. Gauthier. 2004. Developing a protocol for the conversion of rank-based taxon names to phylogenetically defined clade names, as exemplified by turtles. Journal of Paleontology 78(5):989-1013

Parent taxon: Cryptodira according to E. Vlachos 2018

Sister taxa: Adocusia, Bashuchelyidae, Carettochelyoidea, Charitonyx tajanikolaevae, Chelonemydidae, Chelydroidea, Chersidae, Chitracephalus, Cryptoderinea, Dermatochelydidae, Dermochelyoidea, Durocryptodira, Eucryptodira, Galvechelone, Glyptopidae, Glyptopsidae, Indochelyidae, Kallokibotioninae, Kayentachelyidae, Kinosternia, Kinosternoidae, Meiolanidae, Panchelonioidea, Pantrionychia, Platysternoidea, Polysternum, Selmacryptodira, Trionychia, Trionychoidea, Tritosternidae

Subtaxa: Testudinoidea

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Type: Testudo