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Belemnoziphius Huxley 1864 (beaked whale)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla - Ziphiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 36682

Full reference: T. H. Huxley. 1864. On the cetacean fossils termed Ziphius by Cuvier, with a notice of a new species (Belemnoziphius compressus) from the Red Crag. Proceedings of the Geological Society 20:388-396

Parent taxon: Ziphiidae according to A. Berta 2017

Sister taxa: Anarnacinae, Anoplonassa, Aporotus, Beneziphius, Berardiinae, Caviziphius, Chavinziphius, Chimuziphius, Choneziphiidae, Dagonodum, Dioplodon senensis, Eboroziphius, Hyperoodontinae, Messapicetus, Nenga, Ninoziphius, Notoziphius, Pelycorhamphus, Pterocetus, Rhinostodes, Synostodon, Tasmacetus, Xhosacetus, Ziphiina, Ziphiinae, Ziphiopsis, Ziphirostrum, Indopacetina, Tasmacetina

Subtaxa: Belemnoziphius compressus, Belemnoziphius prorops

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Ecology: scansorial piscivore-carnivore