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Falco duboisi Cowles 1994 (Réunion kestrel)

PaleoDB taxon number: 371427

Full reference: G. S. Cowles. 1994. A new genus, three new species and two new records of extinct Holocene birds from Réunion Island, Indian Ocean. Geobios 27:87-93

Belongs to Falco according to C. Mourer-Chauviré et al. 1999

Sister taxa: Falco (Hierofalco), Falco alopex, Falco altaicus, Falco amurensis, Falco ardosiaceus, Falco berigora, Falco biarmicus, Falco cenchroides, Falco cherrug, Falco columbarius, Falco concolor, Falco cuvierii, Falco deiroleucus, Falco eleonorae, Falco falconella, Falco fasciinucha, Falco femoralis, Falco hypoleucos, Falco jugger, Falco longipennis, Falco melanaetus, Falco mexicanus, Falco naumanni, Falco newtoni, Falco novaeseelandiae, Falco oregonus, Falco peregrinus, Falco pisanus, Falco punctatus, Falco readi, Falco rufigularis, Falco rupicoloides, Falco rusticolus, Falco severus, Falco sparverius, Falco subbuteo, Falco subniger, Falco swarthi, Falco tinnunculus, Falco vespertinus

Type specimen: MNHN LAC 1993.28, a set of limb elements (left tarsometatarsus). Its type locality is Grotte des Premiers Francais, bed 4, which is in a Holocene cave horizon in Reunion.