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Xenicibis Olson and Steadman 1977

PaleoDB taxon number: 371547

Full reference: S. L. Olson and D. W. Steadman. 1977. A new genus of flightless ibis (Threskiornithidae) and other fossil birds from cave deposits in Jamaica. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 90:447-457

Parent taxon: Threskiornithidae according to S. L. Olson and D. W. Steadman 1977

Sister taxa: Eudocimus, Geronticus, Ibidopodia, Lophotibis, Milnea, Nipponia, Platalea, Plataleinae, Plegadis, Protibis, Rhynchaeites, Threskiornis, Threskiornithinae, Vadaravis

Subtaxa: Xenicibis xympithecus

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Type: Xenicibis xympithecus