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Anas marecula Olson and Jouventin 1996

PaleoDB taxon number: 372570

Full reference: S. L. Olson and P. Jouventin. 1996. A new species of small flightless duck from Amsterdam Island, southern Indian Ocean (Anatidae: Anas). The Condor 98:1-9

Belongs to Anas according to S. L. Olson and P. Jouventin 1996

Sister taxa: Anas (Nettium), Anas acuta, Anas amotape, Anas apscheronica, Anas bahamensis, Anas basaltica, Anas bernieri, Anas blanchardi, Anas castanea, Anas chathamica, Anas chlorotis, Anas crassa, Anas crecca, Anas erythrorhyncha, Anas flavirostris, Anas fulvigula, Anas gracilis, Anas isarensis, Anas itchtucknee, Anas kurochkini, Anas laysanensis, Anas luederitzensis, Anas macroptera, Anas melleri, Anas meyeri, Anas pachyscelus, Anas platyrhynchos, Anas risgoviensis, Anas robusta, Anas rubripes, Anas sanctaehelenae, Anas sansaniensis, Anas schneideri, Anas skalicensis, Anas soporata, Anas superciliosa, Anas talarae, Anas theodori

Type specimen: USNM 486686, a maxilla (rostrum). Its type locality is Amsterdam Island, which is in a Holocene fissure fill horizon in French Southern Territories.