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Beibeilong sinensis Pu et al. 2017

PaleoDB taxon number: 372794

Full reference: H.-Y. Pu, D. K. Zelenitsky, J.-C., P. J. Currie, K. Carpenter, L. Xu, E. B. Koppelhus, S.-H. Jia, L. Xiao, H.-L. Chuang, T.-R. Li, M. Kundrát, and C.-Z. Shen. 2017. Perinate and eggs of a giant caenagnathid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of central China. Nature Communications 8:14952

Belongs to Beibeilong according to H.-Y. Pu et al. 2017

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: HGM 41HIII1219, a skeleton (a small, semi-articulated skeleton (‘Baby Louie’) associated with a partial nest of 6–8 eggs). Its type locality is Beibeilong-type locality, which is in a Cenomanian/Turonian terrestrial horizon in the Gaogou Formation of China.