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Mergellus mochanovi Zelenkov and Kurochkin 2014

PaleoDB taxon number: 373100

Full reference: N. V. Zelenkov and E. N. Kurochkin. 2014. Two new waterfowl species (Aves: Anseriformes) from the Upper Pleistocene of Yakutia: the first extinct species of Quaternary birds from Russia. Paleontological Journal 48:645-654

Belongs to Mergellus according to N. V. Zelenkov and E. N. Kurochkin 2014

Sister taxon: Mergellus albellus

Type specimen: PIN 2859/342, a limb element (right tibiotarsus). Its type locality is Dyuktai Cave (late Pleistocene layers), which is in a Pleistocene cave siliciclastic in the Russian Federation.