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Teleolophus rectus Qi 1987

PaleoDB taxon number: 374042

Full reference: T. Qi. 1987. The middle Eocene Arshanto fauna (Mammalia) of Inner Mongolia. Annals of Carnegie Museum 56:1-73

Belongs to Teleolophus according to T. Qi 1987

Sister taxa: Teleolophus danjiangensis, Teleolophus daviesi, Teleolophus magnus, Teleolophus medius, Teleolophus primarius, Teleolophus shandongensis, Teleolophus sichuanensis, Teleolophus xui, Teleolophus zaisanicus

Type specimen: IVPP V5766, a mandible. Its type locality is Ulan Bulak, which is in an Eocene fluvial siliciclastic in China.