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Mesochersus de Lapparent de Broin 2003

PaleoDB taxon number: 374263

Etymology: Genus, from the Greek: Meso, by allusion for the size of the tortoise, and chersos, earth, continental.

Full reference: F. de Lapparent de Broin. 2003. Miocene Chelonians from southern Namibia. Memoir of the Geological Survey of Namibia 19:67-102

Parent taxon: Testudinidae according to F. de Lapparent de Broin 2003

Sister taxa: Achilemys, Agrionemys, Aldabrachelys, Anhuichelys, Astrochelys, Cachuga, Caryoderma, Centrochelys, Cheirogaster, Chelone, Chelonoidis, Chelys patagonica, Chersina, Cylindraspis, Damonia, Dipsochelys, Emys sombrerensis, Ergilemys, Eurotestudo, Floridemys, Floridemys hurdi, Fontainechelon, Geochelone, Geochelone (Chelonoidis), Geochelone (Hesperotestudo) equicomes, Gigantochersina, Gopherus, Gopherus praecedens, Hesperotestudo, Homopus, Impregnochelys, Indotestudo, Juvemys, Kansuchelys, Kinixys, Malacochersus, Manouria, Megalochelys, Miotestudo, Namibchersus, Nicoria, Palaeoemys, Paleotestudo, Pelorochelon, Psammobates, Pyxis, Sinohadrianus, Stigmochelys, Stylemys, Stylemys calaverensis, Taraschelon, Testudininae, Testudininei, Testudinites sellovii, Testudo, Testudo annae, Testudo atascosae, Testudo castrensis, Testudo cultrata, Testudo exornata, Testudo formosa, Testudo francisi, Testudo hayi, Testudo klettiana, Testudo laticaudata, Testudo louisekressmani, Testudo luciae, Testudo ocalana, Testudo paranensis, Testudo peragrans, Testudo quadratus, Testudo undata, Titanochelon

Subtaxa: Mesochersus orangeus

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