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†subfamily Canthumerycinae Hamilton 1978

PaleoDB taxon number: 374416

Alternative spelling: Canthumerycidae

Full reference: W. R. Hamilton. 1978. Fossil giraffes from the Miocene of Africa and a revision of the phylogeny of the Giraffoidea. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B 283(996):165-229

Parent taxon: Giraffidae according to J. H. Harris et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Birgerbohlinia, Bohlinia, Bohlininae, Decennatherium, Giraffinae, Giraffini, Giraffokerycinae, Helladotherium, Honanotherium, Libytherium, Okapiinae, Okapini, Palaeogiraffa, Palaeotragus, Progiraffa, Propalaeomeryx, Sivatheriinae, Umbrotherium, Vishnutherium

Subtaxa: Canthumeryx, Georgiomeryx, Injanatherium

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