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Coenholectypus neocomiensis Gras 1848

PaleoDB taxon number: 374923

Alternative combination: Holectypus neocomiensis

Synonyms: Holectypus adkinsi Smiser 1936 (no. 374926), Holectypus engerrandi Lambert 1927 (no. 374925), Holectypus pennanus White 1887 (no. 144423), Holectypus planatus Roemer 1852 (no. 374924)

Belongs to Coenholectypus according to A. B. Smith 1991

Sister taxa: Coenholectypus baluchistanensis, Coenholectypus excisus, Coenholectypus inflatus, Coenholectypus larteti, Coenholectypus macrostomus, Holectypus (Coenholectypus) peridoneus