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Aphthartopsychops Badano and Engel 2018

PaleoDB taxon number: 375307

Full reference: D. Badano and M. S. Engel. 2018. Taxonomic names, in Diverse Cretaceous larvae reveal the evolutionary and behavioural history of antlions and lacewings. Nature Communications 9(3257):1-14

Parent taxon: Psychopsidae according to D. Badano and M. S. Engel 2018

Sister taxa: Acanthopsychops, Actinoptilon, Ainigmapsychops, Alloepipsychopsis, Angaropsychops, Apeirophlebia, Arctopsychops, Baisopsychops, Beipiaopsychops, Calopsychops, Cretapsychops, Electropsychops, Embaneura, Epipsychopsis, Gigantopsychops, Grammapsychops, Kagapsychops, Lasiopsychops, Litopsychopsis, Micropsychops, Miopsychopsis, Propsychops, Propsychopsis, Psychopsis, Psychopsites, Pterinoblattina, Pulchroptilonia, Purbepsychopsis, Putzneura, Sinopsychops, Triassopsychops, Trichophlebia

Subtaxa: Aphthartopsychops scutatus

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Type: Aphthartopsychops scutatus