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Pterodroma imberi Tennyson et al. 2015 (Imber's petrel)

PaleoDB taxon number: 379359

Full reference: A. J. D. Tennyson, J. H. Cooper, and L. D. Shepherd. 2015. A new species of extinct Pterodroma petrel (Procellariiformes: Procellariidae) from the Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 135:267-277

Belongs to Pterodroma according to A. J. D. Tennyson et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Pterodroma alba, Pterodroma arminjoniana, Pterodroma axillaris, Pterodroma baraui, Pterodroma brevipes, Pterodroma cahow, Pterodroma cookii, Pterodroma hasitata, Pterodroma heraldica, Pterodroma hypoleuca, Pterodroma inexpectata, Pterodroma jugabilis, Pterodroma kurodai, Pterodroma lessonii, Pterodroma leucoptera, Pterodroma magentae, Pterodroma nigripennis, Pterodroma phaeopygia, Pterodroma pycrofti, Pterodroma rupinarum

Type specimen: NMNZ S.35342.1, a limb element (left humerus). Its type locality is Waipawa Mouth, Pitt Island, which is in a Holocene terrestrial horizon in New Zealand.