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Furculoborus Wunderlich 2017

PaleoDB taxon number: 380197

Full reference: J. Wunderlich. 2017. New and rare fossil spiders (Araneae) in mid Cretaceous amber from Myanmar (Burma), including the description of new extinct families of the suborders Mesothelae and Opisthothelae, as well as notes on the taxonomy, the evolution and the biogeography of the Mesothelae. Ten Papers on Fossil and Extant Spiders (Araneae). Beiträge zur Araneologie 10:72-279

Parent taxon: Uloboridae according to J. Wunderlich 2017

Sister taxa: Bicalamistrum, Burmasuccinus, Burmuloborus, Eomiagrammopes, Eotibiaapophysini, Hyptiomopes, Hyptiotes, Jerseyuloborus, Kachin, Miagrammopes, Microuloborus, Ocululoborus, Opellianus, Palaeomiagrammopes, Palaeouloborus, Paramiagrammopes, Planibulbus, Propterkachin, Talbragaraneus, Ulobomopes

Subtaxa: Furculoborus patellaris

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Type: Furculoborus patellaris