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Littorina pittsburgensis Clark 1915

PaleoDB taxon number: 381965

Full reference: B. L. Clark. 1915. Fauna of the San Pablo group of middle California. University of California Publications Bulletin of the Department of Geology 8(22):385-572

Belongs to Littorina according to B. L. Clark 1915

Sister taxa: Littorina (Melaraphe), Littorina alta, Littorina aspera, Littorina coccinea, Littorina compacta, Littorina kneri, Littorina neritoides, Littorina obtusata, Littorina pedroana, Littorina planaxis, Littorina remondii, Littorina saxatilis, Littorina scabra, Littorina schuttei, Littorina scutulata, Littorina sheaferi, Littorina sookensis, Littorina subobesa, Littorina tuberculostriata, Littorina undulata, Littorina unifasciata