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Bittium topangensis Arnold 1907

PaleoDB taxon number: 384575

Alternative combination: Cerithium topangensis

Synonyms: Bittium trampasensis Clark 1915 (no. 381975), Cerithiopsis turneri Clark 1915 (no. 381976), Cerithium arnoldi Anderson and Martin 1914 (no. 384576)

Full reference: R. Arnold. 1907. New and characteristic species of fossil mollusks from the oil-bearing Tertiary formations of southern California. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 32(1545):525-546

Belongs to Bittium according to W.O. Addicott 1970

Sister taxa: Bittium (Bittium), Bittium (Brachybittium), Bittium (Cacozeliana), Bittium (Cerithidium), Bittium (Semibittium), Bittium (Stylidium), Bittium (Zebittium), Bittium asperum, Bittium bramkampi, Bittium koeneni, Bittium longissimum, Bittium nugatorium, Bittium oamaruticum, Bittium oedumi, Bittium pabloensis, Bittium parvulum, Bittium preussi, Bittium quilonense, Bittium reticulatum, Bittium reticulatum, Bittium scotti, Bittium serenum, Bittium spina, Bittium yaguense

Type specimens:

  • Bittium topangensis: USNM 164976
  • Bittium trampasensis:
  • Cerithiopsis turneri:
  • Cerithium arnoldi: CAS 151.