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Alouatta pigra Lawrence 1933

PaleoDB taxon number: 384959

Alternative combination: Alouatta palliata pigra

Full reference: B. Lawrence. 1933. Howler Monkeys of the palliata Group. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 75:315-354

Belongs to Alouatta according to D. E. Wilson and D. M. Reeder 2005

Sister taxa: Alouatta arctoidea, Alouatta belzebul, Alouatta caraya, Alouatta coibensis, Alouatta discolor, Alouatta guariba, Alouatta macconnelli, Alouatta mauroi, Alouatta nigerrima, Alouatta palliatus, Alouatta sara, Alouatta seniculus, Alouatta ululata