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Pteria kitakamiensis Hayami 1958

PaleoDB taxon number: 386696

Full reference: I. Hayami. 1958. Liassic Volsella, Mytilus and some other dysodont species in Japan (Studies on the Liassic pelecypods in Japan, 6) . Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan (New Series) 29:155-165

Belongs to Pteria according to I. Hayami 1958

Sister taxa: Pteria argentea, Pteria bisincilis, Pteria cabrai, Pteria carixensis, Pteria clarki, Pteria colymbus, Pteria datongensis, Pteria dianensis, Pteria elegans, Pteria fragilis, Pteria guizhouensis, Pteria hechuanensis, Pteria hertleini, Pteria hirundo, Pteria howei, Pteria infelix, Pteria inornata, Pteria interrupta, Pteria jordani, Pteria lata, Pteria limula, Pteria murchisoni, Pteria nasuta, Pteria notukeuensis, Pteria papyracea, Pteria pellucida, Pteria penguin, Pteria peregrina, Pteria plana, Pteria raricosta, Pteria richardsoni, Pteria rugosa, Pteria sanqiaoensis, Pteria spedeni, Pteria squamifera, Pteria sterna, Pteria ussurica, Pteria yonganensis

Type specimen: MM 2737. Its type locality is Niranohama, Utatsu-cho, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, which is in a Hettangian marine horizon in the Niranohama Formation of Japan.