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Carcharodon nodai Yabumoto 1989

PaleoDB taxon number: 387911

Full reference: Y. Yabumoto. 1989. A new Eocene lamnoid shark, Carcharodon nodai, from Omuta in northern Kyushu, Japan. Bulletin of the Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History 9:111-116

Belongs to Carcharodon according to Y. Yabumoto 1989

Sister taxa: Carcharodon (Procarcharodon), Carcharodon arnoldi, Carcharodon auriculatus, Carcharodon branneri, Carcharodon carcharias, Carcharodon contortidens, Carcharodon debrayi, Carcharodon disauris, Carcharodon escheri, Carcharodon heterodon, Carcharodon hubbelli, Carcharodon humilis, Carcharodon lanceolatus, Carcharodon lanciformis, Carcharodon leptodon, Carcharodon leviathan, Carcharodon megalotis, Carcharodon morricei, Carcharodon orientalis, Carcharodon purplei, Carcharodon rectidens, Carcharodon semiserratus, Carcharodon subserratus, Carcharodon sulcidens, Carcharodon tembloris, Carcharodon toliapicus, Carcharodon turgidus

Type specimen: KMNH VP 100,145, a tooth. Its type locality is Kattachi, Omuta City, which is in a Lutetian shoreface sandstone in the Kattachi Formation of Japan.