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Balatonites lateumbilicatus Salomon 1895

PaleoDB taxon number: 388447

Full reference: W. Salomon. 1895. Geologische und palaeontologische Studien uber die Marmolata. Palaeontographica 42:1-210

Belongs to Balatonites according to W. Salomon 1895

Sister taxa: Balatonites balatonicus, Balatonites constrictus, Balatonites contractus, Balatonites doris, Balatonites egregius, Balatonites gemmatus, Balatonites gracilis, Balatonites haueri, Balatonites hexatuberculatus, Balatonites hystrix, Balatonites kingi, Balatonites lineatus, Balatonites ottonis, Balatonites oyamai, Balatonites punjabiensis, Balatonites semilaevis, Balatonites shoshonensis, Balatonites transfuga, Balatonites whitneyi

Type specimen: Its type locality is North side of the Marmolata / Passo di Fedaia, which is in a Triassic marine horizon in the Marmolata Formation of Italy