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Rhinoceros platyrhinus Falconer and Cautley 1847

PaleoDB taxon number: 390266

Full reference: H. Falconer and P. T. Cautley. 1847. Fauna Antiqua Sivalensis. Being the fossil zoology of the Sewalik Hills in the north of India. Illustrations–Part VIII Suidae and Rhinocerotidae.

Belongs to Rhinoceros according to H. Falconer and P. T. Cautley 1847

Sister taxa: Rhinoceros (Ceratorhinus), Rhinoceros goldfussii, Rhinoceros leptodon, Rhinoceros leptorhinus, Rhinoceros minutus, Rhinoceros pacificus, Rhinoceros palaeindicus, Rhinoceros perimensis, Rhinoceros philippinensis, Rhinoceros sivalensis, Rhinoceros sondaicus, Rhinoceros unicornis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Sewalik Hills [GENERAL], which is in a Pliocene/Pleistocene terrestrial horizon in India