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Vetusodon Abdala et al. 2019

PaleoDB taxon number: 391800

Full reference: F. Abdala, L. C. Gaetano, R. M. H. Smith and B. S. Rubidge. 2019. A new large cynodont from the Late Permian (Lopingian) of the South African Karoo Basin and its phylogenetic significance. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 186:983-1005

Parent taxon: Epicynodontia according to F. Abdala et al. 2019

Sister taxa: Brasilodontia, Eucynodontia, Galesauridae, Gomphodontia, Platycraniellus, Procynosuchia

Subtaxa: Vetusodon elikhulu

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Type: Vetusodon elikhulu