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Aseanpithecus Jaeger et al. 2019

PaleoDB taxon number: 392141

Full reference: J.-J. Jaeger, O. Chavasseau, V. Lazzari, Aung Naing Soe, Chit Sein, A. Le Maître, Hla Shwe and Y. Chaimanee. 2019. New Eocene primate from Myanmar shares dental characters with African Eocene crown anthropoids. Nature Communications 10:3531:1-10

Parent taxon: Anthropoidea according to J.-J. Jaeger et al. 2019

Sister taxa: Afrotarsiidae, Amamria, Amphipithecidae, Arctopithecini, Catarrhini, Eosimiidae, Neopithecini, Oligopithecidae, Paleopithecini, Parapithecoidea, Perupithecus, Platyrrhini, Proteopithecidae, Protoanthropoidea, Notnamaia, Aotidae

Subtaxa: Aseanpithecus myanmarensis

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Type: Aseanpithecus myanmarensis