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Mustela palaeattica Weithofer 1888

PaleoDB taxon number: 394093

Full reference: A. Weithofer. 1888. Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Fauna von Pikermi bei Athen. Beitr Paläontol Geol Österr-Ung Orients 6:255-292

Belongs to Mustela according to A. Weithofer 1888

Sister taxa: Mustela (Lutreola), Mustela (Putorius), Mustela altaica, Mustela buwaldi, Mustela erminea, Mustela eversmannii, Mustela frenata, Mustela furo, Mustela itatsi, Mustela jacksoni, Mustela meltoni, Mustela nigripes, Mustela nivalis, Mustela nudipes, Mustela ogygia, Mustela palermina, Mustela praenivalis, Mustela putorius, Mustela rexroadensis, Mustela sibirica, Mustela spelaea, Mustela strigidorsa

Type specimen: PIUW-PIK without a number, a skull. Its type locality is Pikermi (old collection), which is in a Miocene fluvial horizon in Greece.