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Elephas (Palaeoloxodon) cephallonicus Theodorou et al. 2018

PaleoDB taxon number: 394779

Full reference: G. Theodorou, Y. Bassiakos, E. Tsakalos, E. Yiannouli, and P. Maniatis. 2018. The use of CT scans and 3D modeling as a powerful tool to assist fossil vertebrate taxonomy. Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection. 7th International Conference, EuroMed 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus 11196:79-89

Belongs to Elephas (Palaeoloxodon) according to G. Theodorou et al. 2018

Sister taxa: Elephas (Euelephas), Elephas beyeri, Elephas falconeri, Elephas maximus, Elephas melitensis, Elephas moghrebiensis, Elephas nawataensis, Elephas priscus, Loxodonta (Palaeoloxodon) tokunagai, Palaeoloxodon recki, Palaeoloxodon cypriotes, Palaeoloxodon creutzburgi, Palaeoloxodon antiquus, Palaeoloxodon lomolinoi, Palaeoloxodon xylophagou, Palaeoloxodon tiliensis, Palaeoloxodon mnaidriensis, Palaeoloxodon naumanni

Type specimen: AMPG 900, a maxilla (maxilla with right M2, left M1-M3). Its type locality is Poros, which is in a Pleistocene terrestrial horizon in Greece.