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Woodwardirhynchia pontemdiaboli Berrocal-Casero 2020

PaleoDB taxon number: 395392

Full reference: M. Berrocal-Casero. 2020. Systematic palaeontology, in Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) rhynchonellides from Northern Spain: taxonomy and palaeobiogeography. Cretaceous Research 106:104216

Belongs to Woodwardirhynchia according to M. Berrocal-Casero 2020

Sister taxa: Woodwardirhynchia cuneiformis, Woodwardirhynchia pseudonorvicensis, Woodwardirhynchia tenuicostata, Woodwardirhynchia woodwardi

Type specimen: UCM.Ni.18.71, a shell. Its type locality is Ni.18, Nidáguila, which is in a Coniacian open shallow subtidal packstone in the Villaescusa Formation of Spain.