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Anatina arista Stoppani 1865

PaleoDB taxon number: 396433

Full reference: A. Stoppani. 1865. Géologie et paléontologie des couches à Avicula contorta en Lombardie. Paleontologie Lombarde 3:1-267

Belongs to Anatina according to A. Stoppani 1865

Sister taxa: Anatina amici, Anatina anatina, Anatina arcuata, Anatina baldassari, Anatina claibornensis, Anatina gladius, Anatina lata, Anatina millepunctata, Anatina parvula, Anatina passeri, Anatina praecursor, Anatina putatoria, Anatina roseburgensis, Anatina suessi, Anatina zannoni

Type specimen: Its type locality is Cima, Lago di Lugano, Lombardy, which is in a Rhaetian marine shale in Italy