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Pinacoceras loomisii Diener 1907

PaleoDB taxon number: 398740

Full reference: C. Diener. 1907. The Fauna of the Himalayan Muschelkalk. Palaeontologia Indica 15(5):1-140

Belongs to Pinacoceras according to C. Diener 1907

Sister taxa: Pinacoceras (Pompeckjites), Pinacoceras dalpiazi, Pinacoceras damesi, Pinacoceras hutteri, Pinacoceras imperator, Pinacoceras metternichi, Pinacoceras parma, Pinacoceras parmaeforme, Pinacoceras rajah, Pinacoceras respondens, Pinacoceras rex, Pinacoceras solum, Pinacoceras trochoides, Pinacoceras verchojanicum

Type specimen: Its type locality is Jolinka, which is in an Anisian marine horizon in Nepal