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Solen clallamensis Clark and Arnold 1923

PaleoDB taxon number: 400449

Full reference: B. L. Clark and R. Arnold. 1923. Fauna of the Sooke Formation Vancouver Island. University of California Publications, Bulletin of the Department of Geological Sciences 14(5):123-234

Belongs to Solen according to B. L. Clark and R. Arnold 1923

Sister taxa: Solen (Ensisolen), Solen (Hypogella), Solen (Solen), Solen clarki, Solen columbianus, Solen cuneatus, Solen curtus, Solen dombeii, Solen domenginicus, Solen ensis, Solen fonesi, Solen grandis, Solen intermedius, Solen lincolnensis, Solen lisbonensis, Solen marginatus, Solen novacularis, Solen sicarius, Solen siliqua, Solen sordidus, Solen townsendensis, Solen vagina, Solen vaginoides

Type specimen: UCMP IP 30242. Its type locality is Sekiu Point, which is in a Chattian marine horizon in the Pysht Formation of Washington.