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Megalithomerus Sohn and Nam 2019

PaleoDB taxon number: 400887

Full reference: J. C. Sohn and G. S. Nam. 2019. Taxonomic names, in New fossils of Elateridae (Insecta, Coleoptera) from Early Cretaceous Jinju Formation (South Korea) with their implications to evolutionary diversity of extinct Protagrypninae. PLoS One 14(12):e0225502

Parent taxon: Protagrypnini according to R. Kundrata et al. 2020

Sister taxa: Acheonus, Archaeolus, Clavelater, Koreagrypnus, Lithocoelus, Lithomerus, Micragrypnites, Paragrypnites, Paraprotagrypnus, Protagrypnus, Sinolithomerus

Subtaxa: Megalithomerus magohalmii

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Type: Megalithomerus magohalmii