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Buccinum jordani Hertlein 1925

PaleoDB taxon number: 403918

Full reference: L. G. Hertlein. 1925. New species of marine fossil Mollusca from western North America. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences 24:39-44

Belongs to Buccinum according to L. G. Hertlein 1925

Sister taxa: Buccinum aciculatum, Buccinum angulosum, Buccinum bistriatum, Buccinum callosum, Buccinum clavatulatum, Buccinum cyaneum, Buccinum declive, Buccinum decussatum, Buccinum digitale, Buccinum dubium, Buccinum finmarkianum, Buccinum glaciale, Buccinum humphreysianum, Buccinum junghuhni, Buccinum laevigatum, Buccinum modestum, Buccinum nudum, Buccinum ochotense, Buccinum percrassum, Buccinum physeatum, Buccinum plectrum, Buccinum polare, Buccinum scalariforme, Buccinum striatulum, Buccinum terebrale, Buccinum undatum

Type specimen: LSJU 130, a shell

Average measurements (in mm): shell 73.0 x 44.0