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Dechenella perscheii Lieberman 1994

PaleoDB taxon number: 408217

Full reference: B. S. Lieberman. 1994. Evolution of the trilobite subfamily Proetinae Salter, 1864, and the origin, diversification, evolutionary affinity, and extinction of the Middle Devonian proetid fauna of eastern North America. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 223:1-176

Belongs to Dechenella according to B. S. Lieberman 1994

Sister taxa: Dechenella (Dechenella), Dechenella alpenensis, Dechenella carvalhoae, Dechenella daumeriesi, Dechenella gigouti, Dechenella haldemani, Dechenella planimarginata, Dechenella polonica, Dechenella rossumi, Dechenella struvei, Dechenella valentini, Dechenella ziatensis

Type specimen: GSC 18198, a cephalon/head