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Procynodictis Wortman and Matthew 1899 (carnivoran)

Osteichthyes - Carnivora

PaleoDB taxon number: 40985

Synonym: Plesiomiacis Simpson 1945 (taxon 50460)

Full reference: J. L. Wortman and W. D. Matthew. 1899. The ancestry of certain members of the Canidae, the Viverridae, and Procyonidae. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 12(6):109-138

Parent taxon: Caniformia according to J. J. Flynn and H. Galiano 1982

Sister taxa: Amphicyonidae, Canoidea, Cynoidea, Lycophocyon, Mustelidae, Palaearctonyx

Subtaxa: Procynodictis progressus, Procynodictis vulpiceps

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Type: Procynodictis vulpiceps

Ecology: scansorial insectivore