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Lutra Brisson 1762 (otter)

Osteichthyes - Carnivora - Mustelidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 41122

Alternative spelling: Mustela (Lutra)

Synonyms: Barangia Gray 1865 (no. 159245), Hydrictis Pocock 1921 (no. 41115), Hydrogale Gray 1865 (no. 159246), Latax Gray 1865 (no. 159247), Lataxina Gervais 1855 (no. 159244), Lutris Dumeril 1805 (no. 159242), Lutrix Rafinesque 1815 (no. 159243), Lutronectes Gray 1867 (no. 159249), Nesolutra Bate 1935 (no. 54981), Nutria Gray 1865 (no. 159248)

Full reference: M. J. Brisson. 1762. Regnum Animale in classes IX distributum, sive synopsis methodica, Ed. 2

Parent taxon: Lutrinae according to J. Marmi et al. 2004

Sister taxa: Aonychini, Aonyxini, Enhydra, Enhydrini, Enhydriodontini, Lontra, Pteronura, Siamogale

Subtaxa: Lutra affinis, Lutra bravardi, Lutra bressana, Lutra castiglionis, Lutra fatimazohrae, Lutra hessica, Lutra licenti, Lutra lutra, Lutra lybica, Lutra maculicollis, Lutra palaeoleptonyx, Lutra simplicidens, Lutra sumatrana, Lutra trinacriae, Nesolutra euxena

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Ecology: amphibious carnivore-omnivore